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22 February, 2016 - 12:55
  1. Which of the following methods will provide information to an ecologist about both the size and density of a population?
  1. mark and recapture
  2. mark and release
  3. quadrat
  4. life table
  1. Which of the following is best at showing the life expectancy of an individual within a population?
  1. quadrat
  2. mark and recapture
  3. survivorship curve
  4. life table
  1. Human populations have which type of survivorship curve?
  1. Type I
  2. Type II
  3. Type III
  4. Type IV
  1. Species with limited resources usually exhibit a(n) ________ growth curve.
  1. logistic
  2. logical
  3. experimental
  4. exponential
  1. The maximum growth rate characteristic of a species is called its   .
  1. limit
  2. carrying capacity
  3. biotic potential
  4. exponential growth pattern
  1. The population size of a species capable of being supported by the environment is called its   .
  1. limit
  2. carrying capacity
  3. biotic potential
  4. logistic growth pattern
  1. Species that have many offspring at one time are usually:
  1. r-selected
  2. K-selected
  3. both r-and K-selected
  4. not selected
  1. A forest fire is an example of   regulation.
  1. density-dependent
  2. density-independent
  3. r-selected
  4. K-selected
  1. A country with zero population growth is likely to be   .
  1. in Africa
  2. in Asia
  3. economically developed
  4. economically underdeveloped
  1. Which type of country has the greatest proportion of young individuals?
  1. economically developed
  2. economically underdeveloped
  3. countries with zero population growth
  4. countries in Europe
  1. Which of the following is not a way that humans have increased the carrying capacity of the environment?
  1. agriculture
  2. using large amounts of natural resources
  3. domestication of animals
  4. use of language
  1. The first species to live on new land, such as that formed from volcanic lava, are called   .

a. climax community
b. keystone species
c. foundation species
d. pioneer species

  1. A symbiotic relationship where both of the co-existing species benefit from the interaction is called   .
  1. commensalism
  2. parasitism
  3. mutualism
  4. communism
  1. When an invasive species alters the community structure it is introduced to, what can the consequence be?
  1. extinction of economically important species
  2. reduced predation on some native species
  3. increased predation on some native species
  4. all of the above