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What will I sell?

24 February, 2015 - 17:30

You can sell a product or service. A product is a physical item while a service is something you would implement or execute on behalf of someone else.

Product ideas to consider selling

  • Hand-crafted art and artifacts for exporting
  • Fruit for selling at a fruit stand or using in the production of cosmetics
  • Honey that you produce as a bee keeper
  • Mustard condiments produced from mustard seeds
  • Handcrafted furniture
  • Paintings by emerging artists
  • Recycled goods made into products such as purses made from recycled juice and soda containers
  • A restaurant that offers food menus that others enjoy eating
  • Yogurt served in containers that are edible

Ideas for services to consider offering

  • Providing education to children as well as adults in a school
  • Purifying water at the site of wells that may be tainted with arsenic
  • Providing guide services to travelers
  • Developing marketing campaigns for local businesses
  • Running food stands for others
  • Providing tailoring services
  • Manufacturing furniture for businesses and residences
  • Offering cooking services to families
  • Selling wireless phones for phone corporations
  • Providing people to build buildings, houses, roads and or bridges
  • Offering out-sourced from other countries call center services
  • Providing computer consulting services