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28 August, 2015 - 10:05


Find a merchandising business on the Internet (other than the Lands’ End example used in this chapter). Explore its Web page and how the order processing system works.



Is there any information provided on how secure the Web page is? What level of comfort do you feel with its security? Explain.



Does the business provide information regarding delivery time/stock-outs on purchases?



What methods of payment does it accept?



Analyze the design of the Web page in terms of usability and completeness of information content. Write a brief critique of your company’s page.


Identify a business venture that you believe could be successful solely using the Internet. Explain how you would design your Web page, how you would capture business event data, and the mode of processing you would use. Provide a report detailing support for your design decisions. (Your professor will tell you how long the report should be.)


Develop a research paper on the growing use of the Internet to support electronic data interchange (EDI) between companies. Your paper should consider how companies set up communications over the Internet to maintain the same security and standardization that are achieved using value-added networks for non-Internet EDI (Your professor will tell you how long the paper should be.)


Explain how electronic document management is or could be used in your Information Systems class to eliminate all paper flow between the students and professor. Include in your explanation what technologies would be necessary to facilitate your plan. (Your professor will tell you how long the paper should be.)


Write a research paper on the issues involved in developing an XML-based alternative to EDI for use in a specific industry of your choosing. Consult the Internet to see if a standard has been proposed for that industry, and if so, evaluate its use.