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Obtain Approvals

27 August, 2015 - 13:02

The project completion report—the systems implementation deliverable—is approved as follows:

  • Users verify that the system, including the user manual, meets their requirements. Users also approve conversion and training plans to confirm that these plans are adequate.
  • IT confirms that the system has been completed and that it works. IT also approves the training and conversion plans. Finally, IT performs a technical review of the system to determine that acceptable design and programming standards have been applied.
  • Management reviews the systems performance objectives, cost, and projected benefits to ensure that implementation is consistent with the best interests of the organization.
  • IT audit compares test results with the original system requirements and specifications to determine that the system has been tested and will operate satisfactorily. IT audit is also interested in the adequacy of controls within the system and the controls identified for the conversion process.