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21 September, 2015 - 11:32
  1. What primary functions does the PtoP process perform?
  2. How, in your own words, would you define the PtoP process?
  3. How does the PtoP process relate to its organizational environment?
  4. What are the fundamental responsibilities of each position: accounts payable supervisor, receiving supervisor, purchasing manager, and buyer?
  5. What major logical processes does the PtoP process perform?
  6. Why is the process of identifying the need for goods and services not technically considered part of the PtoP process?
  7. In designing vendor records to be incorporated into the vendor master data, what specific data elements would you include to help you select the best vendor? Be specific as to the nature of the data stored and how it will be used in the selection process.
  8. What are four operations process goals of the PtoP process? Provide an example illustrating each goal.
  9. Select three application control plans presented in the chapter. How does each relate to the PtoP process presented in Figure 13.7?