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The Post-Implementation Review

28 August, 2015 - 14:41

Review Question

What is the post-implementation review?


The post-implementation review is an examination of a working information system, conducted soon after that system’s implementation. The post-implementation review determines whether the user’s requirements have been satisfied and whether the development effort was efficient and conducted in accordance with the organization’s systems development standards. The post-implementation review should be brief and inexpensive. Examinations conducted in response to a specific deficiency, systems maintenance, are discussed in the next section.

Post-implementation review goals are as follows:

  • Determine whether users are satisfied with the new system.
  • Identify the degree of correspondence between system performance requirements and the system’s achieved performance.
  • Evaluate the quality of the new system’s documentation, training programs, and data conversions.
  • Review the performance of the new system and, if necessary, recommend improvements.
  • Ascertain that the organization’s project management framework and SDLC were followed during development.
  • Perfect the cost/effectiveness analysis process by reviewing cost projections and benefit estimations and determining the degree to which these were achieved.
  • Perfect project planning procedures by examining total project costs and the project team’s ability to adhere to project cost estimates and schedules.
  • Make any other recommendations that might improve the operation of the system or the development of other information systems.

Review Question

What are the post-implementation review goals?


Consultants, IT auditors, or systems analysts (other than those who developed the system) may conduct the post-implementation review. The post-implementation review is performed as soon as the system is operating at full capacity, which could be a month or a year after implementation. The review should examine a fully functioning system so as not to draw erroneous conclusions about system performance. The review should be conducted soon enough after implementation to be able to take advantage of any improvements that can be made to the system or to the systems development methods used.