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Discussion Questions

27 August, 2015 - 13:02
  1. Describe a few structured decisions and a few unstructured decisions. Discuss the relative amount of structure in each decision.
  2. “To be of any value, an Information System must assist all levels of management.” Discuss.
  3. “All managers should be willing to invest the time to learn to use the organization’s BI system.” Discuss.
  4. Describe an example of an organization changing in reaction to pressures in the environment. Compare your example to another example of an organization changing in anticipation of environmental opportunities. Discuss the Information System implications of these two examples.
  5. Describe how an expert system might have helped you to choose which colleges and universities might be best suited for you.
  6. Explain how a Business Intelligence system (BI), an expert system (ES), and a neuralnetwork (NN) can assist a decision maker in performing the three steps in decision making. Can these systems perform any of these steps independent of the human decision maker? Discuss your answer.
  7. Use two different Web search engines (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, AskJeeves, Google, or others) to look up a term you learned in this chapter. Why do you think each search engine produces a different list of links? Shouldn’t they be the same?