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Complete Configuration Plan

27 August, 2015 - 13:02

To complete the configuration plan—the major output from the systems selection step in SDLC—the evaluation team must complete the software plan, complete the hardware plan, and obtain approvals. As with many of the steps in systems development, these processes are not necessarily sequential, but should be iterative.

The software plan documents how the logical specification will be implemented, using in-house development, vendor purchase or lease, ASP, or a combination of these. The hardware plan summarizes how the recommended vendor proposal will fulfill the physical requirements specified in structured systems analysis.

Once the configuration plan (i.e., the combined software and hardware plans) is completed, it must be approved by the Information Systems steering committee, IT management, internal auditor, the controller, legal counsel, and other appropriate management personnel. Once approved, the configuration plan is used in the next step in systems development: structured systems design.