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27 August, 2015 - 13:02

Business organizations must be successful in increasingly competitive international markets. Not-for-profit organizations—such as those in health care, education, and government—must deliver high-quality services at a cost that is acceptable to their customers and constituents. Effectively analyzing internal data and business trends gives each organization the understanding it needs to plan for its success in the future.

As we study IS, we find that the Information System and the effective use of information by all members of the organization are central issues for organizations. Advanced information technologies and intelligent systems—such as groupware and intelligent agents—must be successfully integrated with existing Information Systems. Investigation of business intelligence systems, knowledge management systems, and other methods of assisting the management decision maker can lead to Information Systems that drive the long-term success of an organization. Developing your knowledge of decision making, information processing, and advanced technology will allow you to play an important role in the effective application of advanced technologies in your own company.