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Introduction to Structured Systems Design

21 September, 2015 - 11:32

Studies have shown that systems developed using structured systems design techniques are less costly over the life of the system because maintenance of the system is less expensive. Structured systems design also avoids design errors that further increase the cost of the system. Implementation planning, conducted during structured systems design and introduced in this section, increases the probability of a smooth transition to the new Information System.

Refer to Figure 7.1 to see that structured systems design is the fourth major step in the development of an Information System. Structured systems design is a set of procedures performed to convert the logical specification into a design that can be implemented on the organization’s computer system. Structured systems design is often called detailed design or internal design. Concurrent with specification of the system’s design, plans are developed for testing and implementing the new system and for training personnel. Portions of the user manual are also developed at this time.

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What is structured systems design?


The structured systems design goals are as follows:

  • Convert the structured specification into a reliable, maintainable design. This is similar to the process of converting a building model into a blueprint.
  • Develop a plan and budget that will ensure an orderly and controlled implementationof the new system. Procedures must be devised to get the hardware in place, the programming completed, the training conducted, and the new system operating.
  • Develop an implementation test plan that ensures that the system is reliable, complete, and accurate. A plan must be developed to test the system to ensure that it does what the user wants it to do.
  • Develop a user manual that facilitates efficient and effective use of the new systemby operations and management personnel. Personnel must know how to use the new system effectively, and the information processing staff must know how to operate the system.
  • Develop a program that ensures that users and support personnel are adequatelytrained.

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What are the structured systems design goals?