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Obtain Approvals

28 August, 2015 - 12:03

Review Question

Why obtain signoffs on the feasibility document?


Prior to completing the systems survey, the analyst must obtain approvals (signoffs). As mentioned earlier, signoffs signify approval of both the development process and the system being developed. Obtaining systems survey approvals ensures that the feasibility document’s contents are complete, reasonable, and satisfactory to the major development participants. Obtaining agreement on the document’s contents is a key element in the development process because such agreement paves the way for cooperation as the project progresses.

These approvals fall into two categories: approvals from users/participants and management control point approvals. User/participant approvals verify the accuracy of any interviews or observations and the accuracy, completeness, and reasonableness of the survey documentation and conclusions. Such approvals reduce resistance to the project and pave the way for accepting the effectiveness of the new system. The second type of signoff, called a management control point, occurs at a place in the systems development process requiring management approval of further development work (i.e., a go/no-go decision). Upper management control points occur at the end of each development phase (systems survey, analysis, etc.); IT management control points occur within phases; project management control points occur at the completion of individual work units. These ensure management commitment to the project and the resources required to bring the project to closure.