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16 November, 2015 - 10:03
  1. Figure 1.8 Which of the following statements is false?
    1. Tissues exist within organs which exist within organ systems.
    2. Communities exist within populations which exist within ecosystems.
    3. Organelles exist within cells which exist within tissues.
    4. Communities exist within ecosystems which exist in the biosphere.
  2. Figure 1.18 In the example below, the scientific method is used to solve an everyday problem. Which part in the example below is the hypothesis? Which is the prediction? Based on the results of the experiment, is the hypothesis supported? If it is not supported, propose some alternative hypotheses.
    1. My toaster doesn’t toast my bread.
    2. Why doesn’t my toaster work?
    3. There is something wrong with the electrical outlet.
    4. If something is wrong with the outlet, my coffeemaker also won’t work when plugged into it.
    5. I plug my coffeemaker into the outlet.
    6. My coffeemaker works.