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12 November, 2015 - 14:07
  1. What two products result from photosynthesis?
    1. water and carbon dioxide
    2. water and oxygen
    3. glucose and oxygen
    4. glucose and carbon dioxide
  2. Which statement about thylakoids in eukaryotes is not correct?
    1. Thylakoids are assembled into stacks.
    2. Thylakoids exist as a maze of folded membranes.
    3. The space surrounding thylakoids is called stroma.
    4. Thylakoids contain chlorophyll.
  3. From where does a heterotroph directly obtain its energy?
    1. the sun
    2. the sun and eating other organisms
    3. eating other organisms
    4. simple chemicals in the environment
  4. What is the energy of a photon first used to do in photosynthesis?
    1. split a water molecule
    2. energize an electron
    3. produce ATP
    4. synthesize glucose
  5. Which molecule absorbs the energy of a photon in photosynthesis?
    1. ATP
    2. glucose
    3. chlorophyll
    4. water
  6. Plants produce oxygen when they photosynthesize. Where does the oxygen come from?
    1. splitting water molecules
    2. ATP synthesis
    3. the electron transport chain
    4. chlorophyll
  7. Which color(s) of light does chlorophyll a reflect?
    1. red and blue
    2. green
    3. red
    4. blue
  8. Where in plant cells does the Calvin cycle take place?
    1. thylakoid membrane
    2. thylakoid space
    3. stroma
    4. granum
  9. Which statement correctly describes carbon fixation?
    1. the conversion of CO2 to an organic compound
    2. the use of RUBISCO to form 3-PGA
    3. the production of carbohydrate molecules from G3P
    4. the formation of RuBP from G3P molecules
    5. the use of ATP and NADPH to reduce CO2
  10. What is the molecule that leaves the Calvin cycle to be converted into glucose?
    1. ADP
    2. G3P
    3. RuBP
    4. 3-PGA