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6 April, 2016 - 17:26

A variation on incomplete dominance is codominance, in which both alleles for the same characteristic are simultaneously expressed in the heterozygote. An example of codominance occurs in the ABO blood groups of humans. The A and B alleles are expressed in the form of A or B molecules present on the surface of red blood cells. Homozygotes (I^AI^A \textrm{and } I^BI^B) express either the A or the B phenotype, and heterozygotes (I^AI^B) express both phenotypes equally. The I^AI^B individual has blood type AB. In a self- cross between heterozygotes expressing a codominant trait, the three possible offspring genotypes are phenotypically distinct. However, the 1:2:1 genotypic ratio characteristic of a Mendelian monohybrid cross still applies (Figure 8.13).

Figure 8.13
This Punnet square shows an AB/AB blood type cross